Palestine Program

The vision of Palestine Program is to help and empower Palestinian refugees at refugee camps in Palestine. The Program also seeks to support the resilience of the Palestinian people who live in the Old City of Jerusalem. The Program’s activities started in 2016.

Program’s activities

Education aid

  • Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie awarded MAF 30 scholarships.
  • Al Quds University awarded MAF 30 scholarships.
  • Modern University College awarded MAF 15 scholarships.
  • MAF awarded partial grants to 50 students from Jerusalem.

Inaugurating Computer Laboratories 

  • Jordanian Member of Parliament Tarek Khoury donated 50 laptops and one-hundred boards to schools. The donation also helped establish 10 computer laboratories at these refugee camps: Qalandia, Jalazone, Al-Amari, Shu’fat, Noor Shams, Askar, Al-Dheishi, Jenin, Balata, and Al-Aroob.  
  • Gitex Technical Systems donated 98 tablets to the computer laboratories.
  • These Palestinian universities donated 25 laptops and 150 desktops to establish and furnish computer laboratories at refugee camps: Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie, Birzeit University, Al-Quds University, and Arab American University of Jenin.  
  • MAF donated $12,000 to Sadiq Charitable Society at Al-Amari refugee camp to create a computer laboratory.  

Donations to school students

  • The Office of the People's Republic of China to the Palestinian National Authority donated 1,500 winter coats and 750 solar power-operated flashlights. The winter coats were given to the residents of these localities and refugee camps: Jalazone, Al-Amari, Qalandia, Ramallah Altahta, Bethlehem, Qalqilia, and Jerusalem (specifically in Jerusalem Old City: YMCA in the Christian Quarter, Burj Luq Luq Social Center Society, Abnaa Al-Quds Club, and Abnaa Albalda Alqadeema Society). The flashlights are donated to Gaza.
  • Wafaa Indonesian Institution donated 2,000 backpacks and stationary to Jerusalem children.

Donations to the most impoverished families

  • Wafaa Indonesian Society donated approximately 3,000 kilograms of meat to Jerusalem residents at Eid Al-Adha.    
  • Wafaa Indonesian Society donated 1,000 boxes of food to needy families in Jerusalem in Ramadan.
  • The Hashemite Institution donated 2,000 boxes of food to families at West Bank refugee camps.
  • Takiyat Al-Ra’ees (President’s Free Meals) was established during Ramadan in cooperation with Sadiq Charitable Society. Free meals were provided to around 500 people every day during Ramadan.

Donations to people with special needs

  • The Office of the People's Republic of China to the Palestinian National Authority donated 50 wheelchairs to MAF.