Success Stories

Dina Khaleel, student:

All the words in the world are incapable of expressing the extent of our gratitude to Mahmoud Abbas Foundation. We are the children of this Foundation; we were raised by the care of this Foundation and got to where we are now thanks to Mahmoud Abbas Foundation.  

Mahmoud Abbas Foundation (MAF) has paid for our education from day one until we graduated and became productive and independent.

Mahmoud Abbas Foundation guided us through life and education and, despite hardships, led us into success and graduation from universities. MAF does not discriminate between any Palestinian students.  

The care of MAF has no limits; it helps us with capacity building and empowerment as well as better opportunities and bringing Palestinians together. The “Ideas Competition – an Idea for Tomorrow” shows the noble objectives MAF has in store for Palestinian people.    

I am indebted to MAF. It brought me together with people from my homeland whom I am proud of. Finally, I am so grateful to MAF for its support. I am proud of MAF and I promise to make MAF proud of me and to follow its footsteps and support its objectives, which seek to move ahead with our people. 

Norhan Alattal, student:

I come from a limited-income family. It is a huge challenge for my family to afford my education due to high tuition fees and difficult conditions. My father is also unemployed. The grant from MAF helped make my dream come true. The grant got me my education and future. It helped me get admitted to one of the best universities; I could not have been admitted to such university without the grant from MAF.

MAF helped me and other students realize their aspirations for a bright future by enabling us to be admitted to the best Lebanese universities. MAF provides opportunities to students to obtain university degrees and overcome the hardships they face. I am so grateful to MAF for their grant, which covered my education and eased the burdens on my family, enabled me to graduate from university, and made my family and other people proud of me.