Family Takaful Program

The program seeks to make available monthly aid to the most impoverished families at Palestinian refugee camps especially in Lebanon. This is accomplished by collecting donations from well-to-do Palestinian families at home and in diaspora; in addition to individuals and institutions.

Moreover, the program aims to make the impoverished families feel that they are not alone at the diaspora refugee camps and that they are not forgotten and that there are people and institutions that are lending a hand.

Program achievements

  • The program serves 300 families and bank accounts are opened for these families in order to transfer aid to them.
  • There are 104 special cases of families who receive aid in hand due to inability to open bank accounts for them.
  • The amount of money transferred to the families, which the Family Takaful Program serves in 2016 totaled $364,050.00.
  • The total amount of money transferred through this program in 2017 totaled $180,000.00.